The fireworks are so spectacular this time of year as we celebrate 4th of July. We are so happy that we live in a country that provides liberty for all. Link Church is also in celebration mode as we continue to spark a flame in the Queen City. So much has happened since our last update! We have been having Vision Nights at the Piedmont Social House, every Wednesday night, and they have been fantastic! At Vision Nights, we get to hear a great, inspiring, and empowering word from Pastor Mark, and we get to meet people from all over the city. In the month of June, we saw our launch team grow and we were able to pique the interest of persons seeking something more. If you are seeking something more, then you need to join us on Vision Nights. The spark is only going to get bigger in the month of July. You can be part of the festivities this month. We provide free food, lots of fun, great music, and free childcare! You do not want to miss this! To sign up for Vision Nights simply go to our Events page.

Though we live in a free country, there are many still bound by the world’s troubles. As Link continues to grow and launch into the city, we continue to meet people who just want more. Are you seeking for something more? Do you have a sincere desire to fulfill your purpose? Link Church is giving you the opportunity to find out how you can live in liberty while building God’s kingdom.  After the fireworks have ended, what will be the thing that marks your freedom? You can use your freedom to help to reach a world that needs more. Link Church’s significant purpose is to connect people to the life-changing power of Jesus Christ, to build authentic purpose in others, and to reach more people.

Today, millions of Americans gather to see fireworks. We want to celebrate for more than just one day. As we have received freely, we are also giving to others freely (Matthew 10:8). There is nothing to stop God’s work from continuing. Get ready for it; Charlotte will not be the same, your family will not be the same as you experience the true liberty that comes from fulfilling your purpose in Christ. This day you can be part of something amazing; something worth celebrating.  Just click below to start the celebration.

Celebrate Freedom with Link