We are so excited about what God has been doing during this season! Link Church continues to experience God’s faithfulness during this pre-launch phase. As we launch out into the community, we continue to meet interested individuals, who desire to have a positive impact on the city of Charlotte. We had such a wonderful time at our first Link-Up Social on March 11th, which allowed us to meet and greet those in Charlotte, who want to help see Link’s vision come to pass. It gives us great pleasure to announce that we have added five more members to our launch team! These are people who are willing to work with Link Church to make a difference in the city of Charlotte and in God’s kingdom.

There’s a place for every person who joins the launch team. Here at Link Church, it is our hope that everyone gets to live life connected. By linking to this ministry and by connecting with our team, everyone has the opportunity to grow in their gifts and calling. With this in mind, Pastor Mark has created an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the church and each other through team building activities. On March 26th, our team night allowed us to come together for one of these activities, and to learn more about the ministry. The team-building activity gave team members the opportunity to work together and to learn more about the vision for the church going forward.

Moving ahead, Link will continue to have monthly events which will allow more of you to connect with the ministry. It is time for you to join us and live life connected. Our next event takes place this week, Saturday, April 8th, from 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm at The Missions Place, 225 Freedom Dr. Charlotte, NC 28208. We are looking forward to meeting more people from the Charlotte area and are looking forward to spreading the good news about what we are doing. We hope that we will see you there with your family.

Please continue to connect with the ministry by signing up here on our website to receive updates and / or by joining us at our events. If you have questions, you may fill out our contact form by clicking Contact Us. Our next event is also an opportunity for you to find out more, and there is no pressure for you to join. You are also welcome to bring your entire family and friends. We don’t just provide food and fun activities, but we also provide childcare, so you are welcome to bring your children!

Come join in the fun! Don’t miss all that God has in store for you! To join the launch team and start making a difference, click the Leadership tab, scroll down, and click I am Interested! We look forward to hearing from you!